Life is made of small moments like this.

Credits: Necklace:  TABOU. necklace Jacket (NEW)@Signature Event Jacket:  TABOU. Shirt Jacket- Signature- Black1 (NEW)@Signature Event Jeans: //Ascend// Mikol Jeans / Blue – Skinny Sneakers: Smeller 011 Sneakers RARE White (Gacha) Music:

Another day to fight in this city.

Credits: Hair:  Modulus – Ray Hair (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Headphone:  [The Forge] Phonics Headphones, Cobalt (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Skin:  Clef de Peau. Sen TW [CATWA] Applier (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Hoodie: DUFAUX – takeshi hoodie (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Pants:  RKKN. Hooligan Combat Pants – Black Sword:  [The Forge] Vyper Katana, Steel (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Pose: WRONG W39-4 (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Tattoo:  DAPPA  – Tengu Tattoo (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Music:

I am the master of my fate and the captain of my destiny.

Credits: Hair: lock&tuft – jensen (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Glasses: Una & Mushilu CiberPunk glass (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Wristband:  Una & Mushilu CiberPunk wristband (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Arms:  [ContraptioN]  Vazu-d4r4 Prosthesis *???* M (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Pants: ED. Kenzo Pant Black (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Boots: ED. Hype Boots White (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Tattoo: Clemmm – Voir Torso Tattoo M.3 (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Music:

I never see the ocean.

Credits: Short:  Broad Shorts_Pattern 13 (NEW)@Man Cave Surfboard: flow V-Surf PS2 – Surfboard – 08 (NEW)@Man Cave Music: