It’s already the summer in my heart.

Credits: On my friend June Tshirt: RKKN. Maggie’s Tshirt In (NEW)@Shiny Shabby Shorts: RKKN. Maggie’s Shorts (NEW)@Shiny Shabby On me Skin Face:  NOT FOUND – Not Found – Scott T6 Freckles (Catwa) (NEW)@MOM Body Skin:  Clef de Peau. Body Tight T6 [GIANNI] Applier Necklace: Clef de Peau. Leather Necklace 2 Shirt:  ::GB:: Spring shirt 2018 Blue (NEW)@Man Cave Jeans:  ::GB::…

Yeah, we finally win the big bear !!

Credits: On me: Jacket: Native – Bergling Jacket (NEW)@Uber Jeans: INVICTUS  – Dark Jeans Skinny I7 (NEW)@MOM Sneakers: [ VERSOV ] LOLITOV_SNEAKERS_SUEDE WINE On Kakuro: Jacket: Native – Bergling Jacket (NEW)@Uber Bear:  ::GB:: Big bear [RARE] (GACHA) Music:

Let’s escape, you and me … and Luna ! =)

Credits: Hair & Hat: Modulus  – Anthony Snapback (NEW)@Shiny Shabby T-shirt:  DUFAUX  – dean shirt *custom texture* (NEW)@Man Cave Jeans: INVICTUS  – Dark Jeans Skinny I7 (NEW)@MOM Glove: INVICTUS  – Glove Strong I7 (NEW)@MOM Socket: RKKN. Socks (NEW)@Shiny Shabby Shoes: RKKN. Streetwear Sneakers Black (NEW)@Shiny Shabby Pose:  Ana Poses – Sixty Seconds Music:  

The haunted house of Kekeland …

Me: « Once upon a time … the haunted house of Kekeland, it is said that once, mad with love and rage … » June:« I saw something, guys! » Kakuro:« That’s not funny, June … » Me:« … a man murders his wife before killing himself. » Sam: « Wait, what was that? » Credits: Beanie: Nutmeg & Entwined. Cameron Beard: [MF] Daniel Bento Hipster Stache & Beard Medium –…

Run Luna, ruuuun haha ツ

Credits: Hair:  Vango. Keith (B) Brown (NEW)@MOM Beard: [MF] Daniel Bento Hipster Stache & Beard Medium – Night (NEW)@MOM Tank: Cubura Denis TankTop Signature Gianni (NEW)@Darkness Event Swimwear: Cubura SwimMen Signature Music: