Hello, I am … your new … music teacher.

Credits: Glasses: Patane. Patanecomposit SILVER (NEW)@Man Cave Blazer: //Ascend// Nicolas Blazer (NEW)@FaMESHed Pants: //Ascend// Tyler Pants Sneakers: Native – Woodboat Sneakers (NEW)@Uber Violin: [sau] Classic violin (NEW)@TMD Music:

Everybody loves Luna.

Credits: Top:  ::GB:: One sideoff tops / Red (NEW)@Dubai Pants:  ::GB:: Training pants (long) Red (NEW)@Dubai Sneakers: Native – Woodboat Sneakers (NEW)@Uber Music:

There is always a way to have fun.

Credits: T-shirt: //Ascend// Roy Hooded T-Shirt (NEW)@TMD Joggers: //Ascend// Silvester Joggers (NEW)@FaMESHed Sneakers:  Native  – Silhouettes Sneakers (NEW)@Uber Tricycle:  Nutmeg Old Tricycle Green (NEW)@Shiny Shabby

This life is ours.

Credits: Bike:  [sau] Raider (NEW)@Uber Biker Club: [sau]  MC clubhouse RARE (Gacha)@TMD Music:

Yeah, we finally win the big bear !!

Credits: On me: Jacket: Native – Bergling Jacket (NEW)@Uber Jeans: INVICTUS  – Dark Jeans Skinny I7 (NEW)@MOM Sneakers: [ VERSOV ] LOLITOV_SNEAKERS_SUEDE WINE On Kakuro: Jacket: Native – Bergling Jacket (NEW)@Uber Bear:  ::GB:: Big bear [RARE] (GACHA) Music:

We are the Law, now.

Credits: Biker Main Hair: *ARGRACE* Military Cap Goggles: [The Forge] Goggles Copper (Gacha) T-shirt:  DUFAUX  – dean shirt *custom texture* (NEW)@Man Cave Tattoo: *Queen oF Ink – Universe Tattoo (NEW)@Shiny Shabby Bike:  [sau] Raider (NEW)@Uber

Come on Luna, the Arcade is already open !

Credits: Beanie:  [ VERSOV ] Beanie RARE (NEW)@The Arcade Glasses:  [ VERSOV ] Glassov (NEW)@The Arcade Jacket:  ::GB:: Spring jacket set (White shirt) Dark Green (NEW)@Uber Jogging:  [Signature]  Geralt Jogging – Classic (dark grey) (NEW)@Mainstore Sneaker:  [ VERSOV ] SK8ov RARE  (NEW)@The Arcade Music:  

I think we traveled a little too far this time !!

Credits: Helmet: C L A Vv. Aviator Helmet Brown (Gacha)@The Arcade Goggles: [The Forge] Goggles Copper (Gacha) Tank:  ::GB:: Tank top (Signature) White  (NEW)@Uber Jacket:  ::GB:: Denim Fur Jacket (Signature) Black  (NEW)@Uber Gloves: /Ascend/  Trevor Bento Glove – Dark brown (NEW)@Man Cave Bag: (epia)  – ‘Make It Rain’ Money Dufflebag Bike: [sau] Kuazi[lite][TMD][Matt Black]

Austin… from Clef de Peau.

  Credits: Hair: VoltHAIR – LOGAN Hair- Brown Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel v3.0 (update) Eyes: AG. Silky Eyes – Lagoon (NEW)@Shiny Shabby Skin: Clef de Peau. Austin Ginger T4 [CATWA] Applier (NEW)@Limit8 Body: [SIGNATURE]  Gianni – Mesh Body – v4.2 (Update) Jacket: ::GB::  Riders Jk open hoodie (Brown) A (NEW)@Uber Pants: ::GB::  Boots in pants (Signature) Black (NEW)@Shoetopia Bag: (epia)  – ‘Make It Rain’ Money Dufflebag Dollar: (epia) …