Bad boy on the road, move on !

Credits: Beanie: { Speakeasy } Beanie (VIP group gift) Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel v216 (update) Skin Face: Clef de Peau. Colin Freckles T6 [CATWA] Applier (NEW)@TMD Beard: Volkstone Keanu Facial Hair [Beard + Catwa/Omega Applier]  (NEW)@Man Cave T-shirt: TonkTastic – Cotton Tee -Woodlandish Stars & Stripes-  (NEW)@Man Cave Pants: mind carlberg_working pants [b]  (NEW)@Man Cave Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Shelter Tattoo Bike: [sau] Gilgamesh[lite]

This is the end of my story.

Credits: Hair: Stealthic – Psycho (Browns) (NEW)@TMD Face Tattoo: .Identity.  Faces – Chaos Marks Pants: [ VERSOV ] WELLCOV_JOGGERS_GREY&BLACK (NEW)@TMD Sneakers: [ VERSOV ]  NICEOV_BLACK&WIGGI Tattoo: Corpo – Secret Mind Tattoo *aQua Event Exclusive* (NEW)@AQUA

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.

Credits: On me: Hair: MIRROR – Rex Hair -Blonde Pack- (NEW)@Uber Jumpsuit: Clef de Peau. Ben Jumpsuit Sand (NEW)@AQUA Backpack: [VALE KOER] TECHNICAL BACKPACK Amazone guy: Headwear: AZOURY – Aloha Headwear Skin Face: Clef de Peau. Tyson Freckles T8 [CATWA] Applier Body Skin: Clef de Peau. Body Tight Hairy T8 [OMEGA] Applier (Update) Body: [SIGNATURE]  Gianni – Mesh Body – v3.5 (Free update with Bento hands)…

Colin… from Clef de Peau.

Credits: Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel v216 (update) Hair: Stealthic – Psycho (Reds) (NEW)@TMD Skin Face: Clef de Peau. Colin Freckles T6 [CATWA] Applier (NEW)@TMD Backpack/Shirt: =BONOBO by Sallie= Today’s PJ Shirt & Backpack – white (NEW)@TMD