We will break you !!

Credits: Hair: VoltHAIR – Kevin – (NEW)@Man Cave Skin: Clef de Peau. Gaston T6 [CATWA] Applier (NEW)@TMD Body: [SIGNATURE]  Gianni – Mesh Body – v4.3 (Update) Hoodie: 2. ::GB::  Hoodie (Signature) Black (NEW)@PocketGacha Vest: 1.::GB:: Black leather Bomber RARE (NEW)@PocketGacha Gloves: 5. ::GB::  fingers less knit gloves(Signature) Black (NEW)@PocketGacha Publicités

I think we have enough pumpkins.

Credits: Coat: ::GB:: peacoat denim JK+/ Gray (Signature) A-type (NEW)@TMD Pants: ::GB:: Cotton stripe pants (Signature) Dark Blue (NEW)@TMD Pumpkin 1: [NC]  – Ivy Pumpkin (NEW)@TSS Pumpkin 2: [NC]  – Worms Pumpkin (NEW)@TSS

When you fight, don’t fight fair, cuz you’ll never win.

Credits: Hair:  taketomi _Haiwee_Bento Skin: Clef de Peau. Gaston T6 [CATWA] Applier (NEW)@TMD Katake: ::GB:: Katakake haori (Signature/TMP/Slink) Azuki (NEW)@MATSURI Event Kimono: ::GB:: kouu kimono (Signature) Azuki (NEW)@MATSURI Event Katana: ::GB:: TEN Katana (with himo) (NEW)@MATSURI Event Shoes: ::GB:: Takageta Black (NEW)@MATSURI Event Decor: ::GB:: Akariya night landscape (NEW)@KARUNAI Event

Clint … from Clef de Peau.

Credits: Hair: [BURLEY]_Alex_Dips Skin:  Clef de Peau. Clint T7 [CATWA] Applier (NEW)@Industrie Event Make up: Clef de Peau. Urban Make up [OMEGA] Applier (NEW)@Industrie Event Shirt: TABOU. Mario Shirt- Gianni – V1/Rusty (NEW)@Industrie Event Glove: RO – The Illusionist – Magister Orb  – RARE (GACHA) Tattoo:  Mad’  – Zaki BodyTattoo [Signature BOYS APPLIER] (NEW)

I thought they would love my balloons.

Credits: Face: Mad’ – IT FaceTattoo [CATWA APPLIER] (NEW) Pull: ::K::  Off Neck Pullover Homme(Gianni) Olive (NEW)@TMD Pants: ::K::  Levi Jodhpurs Homme(Gianni) HerringboneTweed-Brown (NEW)@TMD Boots: [Deadwool] Strider boots – chocolate – Bicycle: PLAAKA XichLo (NEW)@Shiny Shabby