We should not be afraid.

Credits: Hair:  VoltHAIR– Shaun (NEW)@Man Cave Skin:  Clef de Peau. Theo Bruise T5 [CATWA] Applier (NEW)@TMD Body: [SIGNATURE]  Gianni – Mesh Body – v4.4 (Update) Scarf: !APHORISM! – Winter Scarf – Signature (NEW)@Winter Trend Jacket:  Clef de Peau. Down Jacket White [GIANNI]  (NEW)@Man Cave Pants:  DUFAUX – signature – patch sweatpants (NEW)@The Men Jail Shoes: [ VERSOV ] AMYOV_SIGNATURE_GRADIANT WBLK (NEW)@TMD Pose:  Ana Poses – All I see

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Credits: Beanie: Ohemo – Joe beanie – color 10 (NEW)@Cosmopolitan Hair: *Dura-Boy* 40(Coffee) Scarf: !APHORISM! – Winter Scarf – Signature (NEW)@Winter Trend Sweat:  DUFAUX – signature – patch sweater – (NEW)@Shiny Shabby Pants: Mossu – Wood.Sweatpants – Signature – Camo Bicycle: ::TA Challenge Bicycle

There is no redemption for me.

Credits: Hat: C L A Vv. Summer Cowboy Hat Back Brown (NEW)@Summerfest 17 Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel v216 (update) Skin Face: Clef de Peau. Tony  Brows + Freckles T7 [CATWA] Applier (NEW)@TMD Body: [SIGNATURE]  Gianni – Mesh Body – v3.5 (Free update with Bento hands) Jacket:  !APHORISM! – Wylie Military Jacket – (NEW)@TMD

Difference is what makes you stronger. This is not a weakness.

Credits: Hair: [BURLEY]_Alex_Dips Face Applier: Mad’– Creature FaceTattoo v2 [CATWA APPLIER] (NEW) Body Applier: Mad’ – Creature BodyTattoo [Signature APPLIER] (NEW) Body: [SIGNATURE]  Gianni – Mesh Body – v3.5 (Free update with Bento hands) Sweat: ::GB::  Hoodie Sweat jacket / Gray Jeans: <kalback> Original Jeans_Dirty Sneakers: [ VERSOV ] LOLITOV_SNEAKERS_GREY&WHITE

Drop the pizza … and the gun, NOOW !!

Credits: Hair: DOUX – Victor hairstyle [Brunettes] (NEW)@MOM Skin: Clef de Peau Teddy Honey.Omega [Gianni] Applier (NEW)@Signature Event  Body skin: Clef de Peau Emporium.Body AbsFabs Honey.Omega [Gianni] Applier (NEW)@Signature Event  Body: [SIGNATURE]  Gianni – Mesh Body – v3.1 (NEW)@Mainstore Parka: !APHORISM! Winter Parka Men (NEW)@N°21 Jeans: INVICTUS – Ripped Jeans – (NEW)@MOM Boots: [ VERSOV ]  BLENDOV Boots – BROWN (NEW)@TMD