We don’t need to be enemies.

Credits: Hair: BURLEY – Ramirez Head: LeLUTKA. Head.Skyler.1.1 (NEW) Face Tattoo: Mad’  – Wodaabe FaceTattoo [Red] Body: [Signature] Gianni Body – Body – v5.0 (NEW)@Mainstore Body Skin: [Signature] Bakes On Mesh – DAVIS – Tone 05 (NEW)@Mainstore Music 🎧:

Who are we?

Credits: On me: Hat: -ATTIC- Old Samurai Straw Hat Brown Dirty (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel v3.0 (update) Skin:  STRAY DOG -HIRO – TONE 03 (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Jacket:  Clef de Peau. Ryu Jacket (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Pants:  Clef de Peau. Ryu Pants (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  Tattoo: DAPPA – Hinshu Tattoo (NEW)@NEO JAPAN  On other guys: Mask: tomoto, neko mask (NEW)@NEO JAPAN 

Demon to some. Angel to others.

Credits: Hair:  VoltHAIR  – Bruno (NEW)@Man Cave Skin: NOT FOUND – CHARLIE SKIN T6 (CATWA) (NEW)@The Men Jail Mask:  ::GB:: High neck mask (Signature) (NEW)@TMD Jacket:  ::GB:: Wrap jacket (Signature) (NEW)@TMD Wings: Blueberry – Icon – Angel Wings – Tattoo:  Mad’   – Zaki BodyTattoo [Body and Face APPLIER]

You have a visitor.

Credits: Prisoner Guy: Hair:  Modulus – Harper Hair (NEW)@Shiny Shabby Skin:  Clef de Peau.  Aaron T5 [CATWA] Applier (NEW)@Hipster Men’s Event Boxer: >MM< Boxers Signature (NEW)@The Men Jail Tattoo: >MM< Tattoo – Loyalty (NEW)@The Men Jail Pose:  WRONG & The Owl. Smoke 2 (NEW)@The Men Jail Latex guy: Mask:  Mossu – Puppy.Mask – (NEW)@Fetish Fair Choker:  Mossu – Puppy.Choker – (NEW)@Fetish Fair Harness:  TABOU. Rick Harness – Signature – (NEW)@Fetish Fair Shorts:  Cubura…

Don’t stop me now.

Credits: Face Tattoo:  Mad’ – Soaps Up FaceTattoo [CATWA APPLIER] (NEW)@The Men Jail Body Tattoo:  Mad’ – Soaps Up BodyTattoo [Signature APPLIER] (NEW)@The Men Jail Body: [SIGNATURE]  Gianni – Mesh Body – v4.4 (Update) Backdrop:  Mad’  – Prison Shower [CLEAN] [Backdrop] (NEW)@The Men Jail Music: